Doctor Tao Kun

Teacher Tao Kun, is a celebrated physician of traditional Chinese medicine in Nanjing, was born in 1941 in the city of Nanjing in a family of Chinese medicine specialists.

He has been working with acupuncture and moxibution for almost 60 years.

He is the representative of intangible cultural heritageJinling "The art of dealing with the Moxabustan of Dr. Tao Kun", deputy director of the Committee of the Clinical branch of Moxibustion of the Association of Acupuncture and Chinese moxibustion, supervisor of clinical internship of students Foreigners at Nanjing Chinese Traditional Medicine University, guest teacher of the third-age University of Jinling, renowned physician of Chinese traditional medicine in Nanjing, teacher and advisor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing and Director of the Committee of the Specialized Research sector and literature in Chinese Medicine of the Federation of the World Society of Chinese Medicine.

Tao Kun presents a solid foundation on the foundations of Traditional Chinese medicine, an in-depth base on internal medicine, high theoretical achievements and an abundant clinical experience.

There are several innovative and original aspects in your acupuncture and moxibution treatment: for example, in the techniques of needle manipulation in acupuncture innovating with the technique of inserting the needle "rubbing the finger" and "shaking and transporting the Qi" with high curative effects; In the clinical practice of moxibustion created the first "Moxibustion room" in Nanjing. By inheriting tradition and deepening the old methods of Moxibustion, he created a new method of moxibustion, the dynamic Moxibustion, developed with special characteristics. It also developed a new type of needle, the dermoroller, altering the way to use the needle in the skin to roll the needle, facilitating the treatment and increasing its curative effects. He established the academic concept of "tonify the kidney and nourish the origin" (Yuan Qi) and conveyed the method of "treating different diseases with the same method" to treat complex diseases in clinical practice. He reformulated and created a new type of steam steam moxibustion instrument and obtained the patent for the invention.

Teacher Tao is also an expert in combining acupuncture, moxibution and phytotherapy in a comprehensive method to treat various diseases such as:

  • Diseases of the spleen and stomach,
  • Gynecological diseases,
  • Androllogical Diseases,
  • Urinary system diseases
  • Immune system and pain conditions with very effective clinical outcomes.

Master Tao Kun was appointed illustrious practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Nanjing in 1999, assumed the role of teacher with the academic experience of distinguished ancient doctors of traditional Chinese medicine of Nanjing and formally accepted apprentices. He attended as a teacher at the municipal, district and national level in continuing education classes and at the University of Traditional Chinese medicine for countless times to teach techniques of Moxibustion and to train specialists in Chinese acupuncture and Foreign.

Dr. Tao Kun is teacher at the International Training Center for Acupuncture and moxibustion from the Chinese Traditional Medicine University of Nanjing for more than 20 years. He has graduated more than 300 students in more than 40 countries. He has been in the United States, New Zealand, Spain and other countries to teach. His training is rigorous, standardized, interesting and lively and he is very cherished by his foreign students. He has published more than 30 articles in national and foreign medical journals. Some of his articles were awarded as Articles of Excellence in traditional Chinese medicine conferences at national and international level, also participated in the compilation and writing of the book "Handbook of the Family Bed" (家庭病床手册) and co-author of the book " Treatment with superficial filiform needle "(毫针浅刺疗法) which has been published twice in a row. In 2014, he wrote "The Simple therapy of Moxabustan for the Family" (家庭简便艾灸疗法).

Curso do Dr. Tao Kun